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Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of ceramics & marble established since 1998. We provide the Lebanese & Gulf market with the finest raw materials and end user products.

Our designers and architects offer high quality turnkey solutions to all kind of projects, especially luxurious residential ones. Our experienced team has designed and executed hundreds of buildings, apartments and houses all over Lebanon and in the Arabic Countries.

In addition to our full turnkey solutions, our showrooms offer the largest collection of ceramics, marble and wood composite products to retailers and households.

Why US

Team work

Our team can handle your site from A to Z, where our engineers, architects and designers will offer you of the best solutions for your site and have it implemented to the very end. It is common knowledge that having all the work performed by one-team guarantees the expected outcome.


Our prices are competitive as we manufacture most of our raw materials ourselves. We offer our clients free-of-charge plans for their projects before starting the actual job, to guarantee their satisfaction with the end result.

more yet to come

Keep on visiting our website and Facebook page for a monthly gallery update and albums. You are welcomed to visit our showroom at any time. We will be waiting for you!

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Our products are too numerous to be to be fully listed. However, by visiting our showrooms, you can take a glance at our products and get into the right mood to start planning your dream design. Ceramics - Marble - Wood Composite - Artificial & natural stones - Sanitary products - Kitchens and baths - Jacuzzi - Decorative Stained Glass

Why marble & Granite

Because in one location you can find all what you need for your house, building, apartment or even chalet.




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Ets Alain Saadeh.

Jdeideh, St. Antonios Street, Metn, Beirut, Lebanon

T: +961 1 888511 | M: +961 3 697126 | F: +961 873626

E-mail: alain@alainsaadeh.com